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If you are looking for Cheap Health Insurance in NC there are several great options for coverage for you. This page contains information about health insurance coverage; if you are searching for Cheap Dental Insurance NC click over to the information we have compiled on dental insurance for those on a budget. It's no secret that expensive health insurance plans in North Carolina offer more benefits and advantages but sometimes the cost of such plans may simply be out of your range and budget at the time that you need health insurance coverage the most. It is not wise to risk going without health insurance as unforeseen problems and accidents almost always happen when you least expect and often during the worst times. There are multiple Cheap Health Insurance in NC plans that offer health coverage that fits your budget. It is important when you are searching for Cheap Health Insurance in NC to understand the different plans that are offered and what type of plan will work best for your situation and budget.

When you search for NC Cheap Health Insurance you will quickly find out that there are several different types of health coverage plans. The four most common types of health insurance in North Carolina are: fee-for-service plans (FFS), health-maintenance organizations (HMOs), point-of-service plans (POS), and preferred provider organizations (PPO).

Usually the cheapest type of health insurance plan is an HMO plan. HMO's ask that you choose a primary provider and often referrals are needed if you intend to see a specialist doctor. Conversely, the fee-for-service plans (FFS) are the most expensive type of health insurance that you can purchase. These plans allow those covered to choose a doctor and the insurance company agrees to pay a portion of the cost. These plans usually have a cap where consumers are asked to pay costs up to a certain amount thus saving them from huge medical bills in the event of serious problems or medical conditions. Point of service plans (POS) are very much like the HMO plans in that they require you to choose a primary doctor. If you go outside of your network doctor then you typically have to handle all of your insurance paperwork all on your own, whereas if you stay within network, your primary provider will handle billing your insurance company. PPO health insurance plans offer cheaper copayments for office visits when you stay within a network of providers. These plans tend to be more expensive then HMO and POS plans.

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