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Employer based health coverage and small business health insurance NC are group health insurance coverage options offered by Al Crouse & Associates. Our Group Health Insurance Agents can help you with all of your questions surrounding group health insurance North Carolina and options for Health Insurance for Small Business NC. Not all group health insurance plans are created equal and it will be important to work with a qualified agency with reputable Group Health Insurance Agents. Our team at Al Crouse & Associates have well over 70 years of experience in the health insurance industry.

Premium rates for Group Health Insurance North Carolina often are determined by the number of employees that are employed at the company or business. A small business is considered to employ 50 people or less. These plans are different than plans for larger companies that employ more than 50 people. The majority of Americans and their family members are covered by a group health insurance plans offered by an employer. Our Group Health Insurance Agents can help you if own a business and would like offer BCBS Health Plans NC to your employees and colleagues. These types of benefits are an incredible incentive and attract talented professionals in your industry.

At Al Crouse and Associates we are North Carolina Health Insurance Experts that specialize in all types of health coverage. We can help you even if you are not looking for group health insurance in NC. We offer low cost health insurance options to individuals, families, and of course, our Group Health Insurance Agents would love to help you if you are a small business owner. Contact us; we'd love to hear how we can help save you money.

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