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Health Insurance for Small Business NC

There has never been a better time to research and find appropriate options for our small business. Our team of NC Health Insurance Agents at Al Crouse & Associates can help you with your needs for Health Insurance for Small Business NC. In 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. This law includes unique federal tax credits aimed directly at small businesses offering health insurance, dental insurance or vision insurance to its employees. Health reform is slated to be fully implemented by year 2014, so these tax credits for small businesses are only available for 2012 and 2013. If want to find out if your small business currently qualifies for these tax credits, contact us or find out more information from your tax professional.

The size of your company does not matter when it comes to the flexible options that Al Crouse & Associates offer in Health Insurance for Small Business NC plans. No group is too large or too small for us to work with. The most popular plan with companies is most often the Blue Options plan. Blue Options is a PPO plan where employees can access thousands of in-network doctors, specialists and hospitals throughout North Carolina. Specialists can be seen with a referral and you can decide to see a doctor outside of the network. Prescription benefits are also covered. Co-payments are low and reasonable. In addition to the Blue Options, PPO plan, there are also other options for small business owners in North Carolina. The Blue Care Option is an HMO plan and the Classic Blue Comprehensive Major Medical plan is another option for small business owners. We would be happy to speak with you about your specific company needs.

If you are looking for Health Insurance for Small Business NC, contact us to find out your options for quality group health insurance. Group health insurance is essentially employer sponsored health coverage that business owners offer to employees and often for their dependents. Health insurance benefits are often something that professionals in most all business sectors are looking for. It is believed that offering a quality health care plan can improve your company profile and outlook for hiring new professionals. The majority of Americans have group health coverage through either their own employer or a family members' employer.

We offer several options of Health Insurance for Small Business NC plans and can give you advice on what will be the best option for your company profile. Employers and employees share the costs in group health coverage plans. We will work with you to find out which plan and options will fit your company's health care needs. Currently, there are some great special tax incentives that are available to small businesses who provide coverage to employees.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us 828-256-3224, email us, or use our online request form.





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