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Our staff of BCBS Shield Health Insurance Agents are led by one of the best; Al Crouse has been a Health Insurance Broker in North Carolina helping clients, business' large and small and families find the right health insurance coverage for well over a decade. Our staff has well over 70 years of experience and many have received Blue Cross Blue Shield top agent awards. We know what it takes to stay successful in this ever changing industry and our primary goal is to help clients find affordable health insurance North Carolina options that fit their needs today and in the future. We have successfully helped many individuals and contract workers find Health Insurance Self Employed North Carolina options for themselves.

When you are self employed in North Carolina, you are not eligible to be a part of a group health insurance policy through your employer in most all cases. Self employed individuals still need to find health coverage. There is nothing worse than being one of the uninsured and having anxiety over protecting your assets and any property that you might own should a health problem arise. It is no secret that health insurance should be one of the most important part of anyone's budget. Many times small business owners and individuals that are self employed will go without insurance to their own detriment.

We offer plans for Health Insurance Self Employed North Carolina and their families. Financial experts will tell you that having the proper health coverage is hugely important to remaining successful. If you used to be covered by a group policy, or perhaps a parent's health insurance plan, but now are self employed and need Affordable North Carolina Health Insurance, contact us at Al Crouse & Associates and we'd be glad to help you weight your options and find the right coverage for your specific needs. Already have an idea of what you type of BCBS Health Plans NC that you are looking for click to get a quick, FREE rate quote. It only takes a few minutes to apply and qualify! We know that saving you time AND money when you are self employed is highly important.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us 828-256-3224, email us, or use our online request form.





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