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Al Crouse & Associates, Hickory NC Insurance agency, follows the NC Health Insurance News and outlook very closely. We find it important to stay current on changes to insurance plans and benefits offered to our clients and future clients. As many know, the President signed into affect the amended version of the Affordable Care Act on March 30, 2010. This act brought about many changes to the insurance industry as a whole. We are fully equipped to help you understand what these changes were and how they will effect your benefits and coverage that is available to consumers.

In addition to the Affordable Care Act, many also want to know any related NC Health Insurance News regarding the Health Coverage Tax Credit which are generally for trade affected workers. For those that are unsure, The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program created the Health Coverage Tax Credit for trade workers in all TAA and NAFTA-TAA certified positions. This program has two options for ways that an individual can receive these benefits. This program established a tax credit of 72.5% of the amount paid by an individual for qualified health insurance coverage. This is a jump from the original 65%. Starting in January 2012, monthly Health Coverage Tax Credits will pay 72.5% of qualified health insurance premiums and trade affected workers will pay only 27.5%. This is an amazing advantage to workers that qualify for this type of coverage. There are multiple workers that can qualify. Contact us to find out if you qualify for this type of program and what all the application and coverage entails.

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