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Starting a family is a huge life changing event and having the proper NC Maternity Insurance and health coverage during your pregnancy and after birth care is a top priority if you are considering starting a family or fast approaching this wonderful life stage. Maternity coverage is offered to families and individuals that qualify for BCBS Health Insurance Plans. While some may think that NC Maternity Coverage is too expensive for them, it can be rather affordable when you consider the cost of having a baby without proper insurance. Do not let these costs or thought of these costs put a damper on your happiness at this time in your life.

The BCBS Maternity Rider is an optional plan to families and individuals at this stage in life. Maternity and pregnancy services such as the important OB/GYN and after labor care are covered under the Maternity Rider when you purchase this optional NC Maternity Insurance with your existing health care plan. You can qualify and be eligible for adding the NC Maternity Insurance rider to your health care plan if you are not currently pregnant. There are typically two times a year that you can apply and add this type of coverage to your existing Affordable Health Insurance North Carolina plans.

Thinking of not purchasing NC Maternity Insurance and just paying for these type of medical expenses should they arise? Consider this. The typical medical expenses for a pregnant woman in the state of North Carolina usually average around $20,000, but this figure will vary depending on your pregnancy and overall health. The important prenatal care averages from $2,000 to $4,000 and ensures that you and your baby are progressing throughout the pregnancy in a health manner. The hospital and delivery charges, for a natural birth, tend to run about $12,000. If you must have a cesarean then that figure jumps to on average, $20,000. You do not want to be bombed with these huge health care costs in addition to having getting adjusted to being a new family.

Do not wait until you are already pregnant to get NC Maternity Insurance. Most all health insurance companies and agencies in the state of North Carolina will not offer plans to cover your costs and provide even a small bit of coverage. Many times individuals and families do not qualify for medicaid to help alleviate these costs and they are stuck footing this enormous bill to the necessary doctors and hospital. Contact us to find out more about adding NC Maternity Insurance to your current plan.

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