Individual Health Coverage - Group Health Coverage  
Individual Health Coverage
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s® Blue Advantage® individual health insurance program allows it’s members to see the best doctors, hospitals and specialists in North Carolina. The Blue Advantage® provider network is enormous, so you will always have access to information on individual health coverage for treatment by a network doctor.

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Group Health Coverage
When choosing the appropriate group health coverage for your business or company many things need to be considered. There are many flexible group health coverage plans for North Carolina employees of small, medium and large businesses. No group is too small or too large.

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Short Term Health Coverage
Al Crouse & Associates offer short term health coverage for up to 90 days. The benefits are very similar to the benefits that are offered with the other standard group and individual plans. You can choose how long you will need the coverage. Plans can cover you for the short term.

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Medicare Supplement
Medicare Supplement is known to take care of any expenses left over or not fully covered by Medicare. These additional expenses include required copay, prescription drugs, coinsurance fees and deductibles.

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HSA Tax Favored Plan
Health Savings Accounts, or HSA were developed to help individuals, or families, save for future qualified medical and health expenses for the retired, on a tax-free basis. This is very beneficial as healthcare cost are consistently rising. The savings from your HSA are tax refundable.

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Health Insurance FAQ
Get all the answers to your health insurance questions.

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